2016-2017 Board

The IABC Belgium board term runs for one year from July to June. If you would like to get more involved in IABC, why not consider applying for a Board role? Email [email protected] for more information.

Meet the Board

Below are the members of the 2016-2017 board. Use the hyperlinks below to get in touch with us individually via LinkedIn or Twitter.


Colin HensleyColin Hensley


As President of the chapter since 2014, Colin Hensley spends his days using his 30 years of experience to develop communication strategies for a range of international clients.

His vision for IABC – BE is to take advantage of being in the centre of the EuroBubble and bring together a diverse group of practitioners to share best practice across sectors. He also hopes to encourage young communicators to be part of our IABC community



Benedictus NieuwenhuisBenedictus Nieuwenhuis

VP Finance

Our Treasurer, Dick Nieuwenhuis, has looked after our finances for the last two years. Dick worked till 2016 in the European Commission managing websites for over 17 years and communicating with stakeholders (multipliers such as journalists, for example) but also a wider public of citizens interested in EU politics.



Alba PEREZ GRANDIAlba Perez Grandi

VP Communications

Alba is a passionate communications executive with six years of experience working across different industry sectors for corporations, European Institutions/ associations and agencies.  Her core strengths lie in corporate and strategic communications, PR, digital marketing, social media and organising high-level events. She has served on the IABC Belgium Board as VP of Communications since 2013 and is also the 2016-17 EMENA Region board's Director of Communication. Currently an Account Manager at the European Business Summit, Alba works with European clients, mainly within the energy and digital sectors. As a digital addict, she volunteers for TEDxWoman Antwerpen social media team. Driven to impact society and create positive change by listening and connecting people together, she is looking to expand her training, speaking and coaching capacities.



Ian AndersenIan Andersen

VP Professional Development

Ian's mission within IABC is to encourage business communicators to embrace audience participation and involvement as the most effective paths towards change and engagement in an increasingly complex world. Ian is external communications adviser to the European Commission's Director General for Interpretation. After early successes in social media marketing he now focuses on designing, hosting and harvesting conversations that matter in participatory events involving the European Commission and stakeholders and citizens.



Denitsa GospodinovaDenitsa Gospodinova

Digital Communications Officer

Denitsa is a digital communications professional who is passionate about creative writing and is keen on exploring the ever-growing potential of social media to reach a global audience. 

Her mission within IABC is to manage communication activities, making sure that the organisation's messages are delivered in the right tone of voice and via the most suitable channels. 



Ilze RaathIlze B Raath

Board Member

Ilze holds a Bachelor of Arts (Drama and English), Honours in Translation and Editing, Honours in Linguistics and a Masters in Linguistics (Advertising and Semiotics) and various certificates (financial communication and Investor Relations; Adult Education; Multimedia syllabus design, Writing educational material). She is currently working on a PhD in Business Communication. An active member of several cultural organisations as well as promoting women in the workplace, Ilze served on the Board of the Professional Women’s International network in Belgium for 5 years. She has been involved with the International Association of Business Communicators for the last 10 years. Ilze has vast experience in the IABC as a Director on the Belgian board (10 years); board member of the European Board (4 years) and a Trustee of the Research Foundation (2 years).



picture-maria-molina-sierra_iabc-beMaria Molina Sierra

Board Member

Maria enjoys exploring new approaches, creating innovative communication strategies and tapping the innovation vein in her organisation. As a communication expert working for the European Commission, she advises on the most efficient use of communication resources and how to maximise their impact. Before life at the European Commission, she worked for a Brussels-based PR firm where she developed strategic communications for a number of international clients. Her mission within IABC-BE is to facilitate like-minded peers keeping up with the industry best practices and the latest communication trends.