IABC Belgium is part of the International Association of Business Communicators - an international organisation with chapters around the world. IABC links 12,000 professionals who practice business communications as a career. Founded in 1986, IABC Belgium is one of the oldest international chapters of this dynamic organisation.
Our aim is to help members coming from a range of sectors and organisations to become the best communication practitioners out there. We do this by connecting, collaborating, sharing knowledge and ideas, and inspiring each other to achieve new heights in the communication arena.
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Exploring the science behind creative thinking with IABC Belgium

February was Creativity Month at IABC. To mark the occasion and to celebrate the benefits of creative thinking both in a professional and personal context, IABC ran a Gamestorming Workshop facilitated by Digital Consultant and Trainer, Karmen Špiljak, and Vice President Communications at IABC Belgium, Alba Pérez Grandi. The workshop which took place in the […]

Leadership Presence: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to increase it

By Carol Kinsey Goman Leadership presence, that illusive but “we know it when we see it” quality, is a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, send all the right signals. It’s how we show up, how we make others feel, and how effectively we communicate both verbally and non-verbally. It’s the “wow” […]

PRs and journalists – are we really that unprofessional?

by Sara Goldberger Our level of professionalism is something I query every now and then. In particular when it comes to what is called “press contacts” in my line of business. Let me explain with an example: I am at interview (always there it happens) and the prospective employer asks me: Whom do you know […]

Want impact? Tell a story! – an inspiring IABC workshop

By Alba Pérez Grandi Once upon a time…Canadian storyteller, Naomi Steinberg landed in Brussels after receiving an invitation from IABC Belgium to facilitate a 90′ workshop on the power of storytelling. More than 15 people coming from diverse professional backgrounds came to the beautiful UM Campus to find out how this important tool can help […]