2015 IABC EMENA Annual General Meeting

This is the formal notice of the 2015 IABC EMENA Annual General Meeting, which will take place on Monday June 22 at 12:00 pm (GMT) 13.00 (CET). As member I hope you will take this opportunity to be part of the annual process electing our new board (more details below) and get an update on our plans, financials and budget. This is also a chance to learn more about what the region has been doing this year and what we plan to do.

We will be using the Webex platform for the AGM, which means you must register in advance and then use the link provided upon registration to access to the meeting on the day.

You can use this link to register for the meeting and the login details will follow:

I am delighted to announce that the following people are nominated to serve on the 2015/16 EMENA board:

Past Chair (automatic succession): Michael Nord (Netherlands)

Chair (automatic succession): Klavs Valskov (UK)

Vice Chair: Nikki Edwards (France)

Directors at large:

Nada Haddad (Lebanon)

Alex Malouf (Dubai)

Jane Mitchell (UK)

Jennifer Olson (Netherlands)

Ilze Raath (Belgium)

Jasna Suhadolc (Slovenia)
If you consent to this slate, then you do not need to take any action. However, if you would like to voice a concern or make a comment, there are two courses of action:

1 – For members who belong to a chapter, you should contact your chapter president
2 – For members at large, you should contact the EMENA region MAL liaison, Sandra Cavallo ([email protected])

All comments are due by June 17, at which point chapter presidents and Sandra will inform us about any concerns or comments. We will then announce the approval or review at the AGM on June 22. This voting procedure is consistent with our region bylaws and the process used at the international level within IABC.

This is an essential part of our governance and hope you, as an IABC member, appreciate this.

I look forward to celebrating the great work we have accomplished throughout the EMENA region in 2014/15 at our AGM and hope to virtually ‘see’ you there.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Michael Nord

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