Sweep of awards for IABC Russia

Two of our members from the Russian Chapter of IABC won a Silver Archer Award yesterday – Boris Eremin and Valery Levchenko. The Silver Archer is a Russian National recognition program in public relations. The award was founded in 1997 by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Association of Public Relations and the Russian Union of Journalists and recognises the best PR campaigns in Russia.

In Master of PR category the winner was Boris Eremin, president of the Russian chapter of IAA and member of Strategic Council of IABC Russia. Boris Eremin is also a judge at the first tier in the Gold Quill program in Russia.

Russian International News Agency Novosti won a special prize by the Board of Trustees for the project “Communication campaign of RIA Novosti during rebranding”. The head of the project (and our member who took the prize on the day) was Valery Levchenko, deputy CEO of RIA Novosti (the biggest of the news agencies in Russia). Valery is also head of the Media Relations committee for IABC Russia.

“RIA Novosti chose absolutely the right format by making a bet on multimedia technologies,” Silver Archer award director Nadezhda Yavdolyuk said.

As part of its major rebranding campaign, RIA Novosti introduced a two-floor newsroom, the only one of its kind in Russia. The newsroom houses the Integrated News Department providing multimedia coverage of events with traditional textual, video and infographic presentation of news, expert opinion and lighter items.

“For us, the rebranding we are now putting into effect is a benign virus that was born within us and burst out, and was captured by a communications campaign,” Valery Levchenko, said. “We are glad that this campaign has been a success.”

We wish the well deserving winners and IABC Russia our congratulations!

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