Sex, murder and corporate magazines

Title: Sex, murder and corporate magazines
Location: IABC France
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Description: Corporate magazines today are forced to vie for the attention of their readers with a vast array of exciting consumer media. How can a corporate magazine compete successfully against such popular rivals? By respecting a few common-sense tips and guidelines, corporate publications can become powerful communications tools that get their target readers both interested and involved.
Mark Smith is publications manager at Schlumberger. For seven years he managed, wrote and produced InterChange, Schlumberger’s internal worldwide magazine (circulation 80,000). Now he oversees the 20-odd regional magazines produced by the company. Prior to joining Schlumberger, Mark spent six years as managing editor at the French edition of Reader’s Digest, wrote for a variety of magazines in the U.S. (Runner’s World, Digital Audio), and worked as a freelance writer of books in New York City.

Anne Fleming is director of Ad Nova, a communications agency specializing in the production of communications tools in English. Before creating Ad Nova in 2002, Anne worked as art director for consumer magazines both in the US and in France. She also designed corporate communications and books.

This event will be held in English, but questions can be in either French or English.
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Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2009-02-27
End Time: 21:00

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