First experience at Eurocomm

This year the University of Lugano hosted Eurocomm, an annual IABC EME conference. More than 140 guests visited the event, and I happened to be among them, thanks to the Regional Board.

It was my first Eurocomm, and my purely positive impressions are not shaded by skepticism brought by excessive experience.

The main purpose of the conference was professional development, and you could get a lot of it. Naturally, the speakers, the best communication professionals from different corners of Europe, gave their insights into new problems, new solutions, trends, channels, software etc., but guests themselves provided additional dimensions to the issues discussed as they asked questions and shared their experience. You could learn about what activities UNHCR introduced to correct its ambiguous perception, how Russian business built its reputation (not a simple thing to do with its poor publicity), why Google published pictures that showed office amenities provided to employees and what effect it had, if it was possible to control coverage social media or not, and other fascinating things – of course, if you were there. And Martin Eppler’s report was the brightest example of what a professional presentation should be.

Eurocomm provides exceptional networking opportunities. You always know a couple of those who are there, and they know a couple of other people, and you see that your network is rapidly growing more and more, and you find new colleagues, clients, partners and friends from other parts of Europe. It is very fascinating to meet people about whom you only heard before. I was happy to get acquainted with Allan Jenkins and Mike Klein whom I previously saw only in Facebook, Gloria Walker, my counterpart in online correspondence, Jennifer Hayes and Nina Volles, who performed feats to make this conference happen, and such bright people as Ago Cluytens, Bent Sorensen, Thomas Rajman, Meryl David and many others. Thank you all, you made the conference remarkable for me.

Learning, new wonderful people, fantastic Swiss landscapes of Lugano – all the necessary ingredients were there, and together they made up an unforgettable event.

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