Connecting with IABC colleagues from around the world

You’ll already be familiar with the global IABC site, and we hope you have also taken the chance to visit the new IABC Europe & Middle East site, but were you also aware that there are a number of IABC presences on some of the leading social networks out there?

Join the crowd – because some of these are very popular indeed – and they can help you connect (and re-connect) with people from around the world, partake in discussions and perhaps even find you a new job if that is what you are looking for.

Good for networking, learning and career in other words:

A number of local chapters also have their own groups on Facebook – One example is the IABC UK Facebook Group – If you want to find others, simply search for IABC on Facebook and they should turn up.

New to social networks and a bit perplexed? Here’s a brief primer from the excellent Common Craft ‘Plain English’ people, worth a few minutes of your time:

…and here’s Twitter in Plain English:

If we missed out your favourite social network site where you like to collaborate and share with other IABC members, please send us a note.

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