Communicating in Turbulent Times

Title: Communicating in Turbulent Times
Location: IABC event in The Hague
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Description: Turbulent times, uncertain times, crisis, what ever we choose to name it, the situation we”re in is here to stay for a while and calls for focus and steadiness. The perhaps all too cliché navigation metaphor can never be as relevant: to ride the storm, one must hold the course.
It is a time to articulate a vision of the aftermath of the storm, no matter how long or how damaging it might be. Crisis leadership, engaging stakeholders, and scenario planning will do much to instil that confidence and motivation needed by all. Holding your position and prioritising critical functions such as crisis communication and management will sustain the resilience needed now and help unravel opportunities for the future.

In this highly interactive IABC workshop, including scenario practice and exercises, you will have the chance to refresh and enhance your skills to help your organisation weather the storm and build resilience.

The workshop will be conducted by Caroline Sapriel, an international expert in risk, crisis and business continuity management with over 20 years experience. Caroline will share her insight into what works and what does not and how to avoid the traps of knee jerk reactions to crises.

Conducted by Caroline Sapriel, Managing Director of CS&A International Risk, Crisis and Business Continuity Management. Book now.

Start Time: 17:30
Date: 2009-04-08
End Time: 20:00

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