New Intranet Strategy report released

IABC member Audrey Scarff has written the essential guide to Intranet Strategy and Governance, drawing heavily on real world examples from BT, British American Tobacco, McDonald’s, IBM, the Cancer Council, Qantas Jetstar and Churchill Capital . She shares valuable resources and tips for your next intranet project including:

  • Understanding the requirements of a successful intranet strategy;
  • How to develop the right strategy for your organisation;
  • Governance – allocating responsibility and accountability;
  • Ensuring your strategy allows for ongoing development;
  • Aligning the objectives of your intranet with key business objectives and priorities;
  • Understanding and meeting employees’ information needs;
  • Ensuring employees understand how to use the intranet effectively; and
  • Using metrics to monitor the success of your strategy.

It also features contributions from fellow IABC member, Silvia Cambié and collaboration expert, David Coleman.

You can order the book from Ark Group’s Inside Knowledge or through iCite Online Strategy Consultants.

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