New UK Report on Employee Engagement

This report has many interesting case studies about what companies are doing to engage with employees.  The findings have many implications for communicators, mainly because communications, while implied, isn’t mentioned much and isn’t identified as a driver of engagement.  Leadership, engaging managers, employee voice and integrity are identified and examples of employee surveys, employee and management meetings, clearly explained corporate visions and goals are given.  To those of us working in the field of communications, it is clear that we and our profession have an important role to play here.  But what is of greater concern is the complete lack of a communications organisation or association having been involved in this research at all.  In reading through the lists of those who participated in the study, there are companies, associations, business schools, and human resources groups – nothing from communications.  Even the Chartered Institute of Public Relations wasn’t included.  This report gives us a real opportunity to take an active part in raising this issue within our organisations and with our clients.  We are a major part of solving this problem and we can greatly benefit as a profession by taking an active role in discussions.  I would welcome your suggestions about how to undertake this campaign.

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