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One of the responsibilities of professionals is keeping up with developments within your field.  We are fortunate that so many blogs, eletters, websites and other resources are easily accessed.  If you are looking for research in our field, the Institute of Public Relations ( is worth a visit.  the IPR conducts research on a range of topics.  All reports are available on the website and are free to download.  The Institute is an independent foundation dedicated to the science beneath the art of public relations.  It exists to build and document the intellectual foundations of public relations and to mainstream this knowledge by making it available and useful to practitioners, educators, researchers and the clients they serve.

  • I suppose simple is best. Just tell people in your own words the key things about TWW:
    – it’s a non-intrusive, text-formatted weekly email newsletter. Oh, and it even tweets between issues now 🙂
    – it’s always free and ad-free
    – it currently serves around 1,300 professionals worldwide
    – it’s been around since 2001 without interruptions, so it’s proven its utility. Iit will reach its 400th issue in 2 weeks.
    – it’s edited by a colleague (me), so it doesn’t represent a particular media interest or group.

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