Measurement still important

An international survey of PR professionals has found that more practitioners than ever are measuring the effectiveness of their communications programmes.  Based on a survey of 520 PR professionals internationally for the Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication ( and the Institute of Public Relations (, findings showed:

  • 88% of PR professionals believe measurement is an integral part of the PR process.
  • while 77% of respondents claimed to measure their work compared with 69% in a similar survey five years ago, this survey showed that the PR profession are still not agreed on the best tools and methodologies.
  • measuring ROI (return on investment) on communications is viewed as an achieveable goal by the overwhelming majority of professional communicators taking part in the survey.  There is, however, very strong agreement that it is possible to calculate ROI on communications and that demonstrable ROI would enhance the budgets (and status) of PR practitioners.
  • PR professionals still tend to judge their success critria more by their ability to place material in the media rather than on the impact coverage might have on shifting opinion, awareness, or moving markets, although there is evidence that this is changing.

A full report with findings of the survey is available on the AMEC website.

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