New Book: The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web

In my efforts to become a more consistent user of social media, last week I was reading posts from my friends on Facebook and saw that there would be an interview with Tamar Weinberg on “” through blogtalkradio.  I duely registered on the radio site and caught up with the broadcast just as Tamar was starting to talk about her new book The New Community Rules:  Marketing on the Social Web.  I was so impressed with her that I’ve recommeded she speak at IABC’s 2010 World Conference in Toronto!

One of her comments that particularly resonated with me was “when people are speaking to you, you might as well listen.  Listening is critical.”  She also said that the community now has control over content so it’s best to nurture the community.  She added that trust is the economy of the social web so it’s important to monitor influence.  She interpreted ROI as Return on Ignorance or Ignoring.  The social web is not a sprint, but a marathon and users will remember content when it’s needed, which may be a lot later than when content was published.

Her book explains how social web technologies work and gives practical and effective ways to reach people who frequent these sites.  Case studies show how companies have successfully used her approach.  Topics include blogging nad microblogging, the art of conversation marketing, online reputation, and tapping into the video and podcasting market.

Tamar Weinberg is a writer and internet marketing consultant specialising in blogger outreach, viral marketing, and social media. Based in New York City, she maintains a personal blog about all things social media at

This was my first use of blogtalkradio and but it won’t be the last.

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