Welcome New MALs

This month we welcome three new members-at-large to the EME region.

  • Ana Moreno, International Communications Director, Ernst & Young, Luxembourg
  • Anmber Siddiqui, Independent Counsel, Dubai, UAE
  • Irene Tato, CEO Salud y Communicacion, Madrid, Spain
  • Marek Geso, Marketing & Communications Lead, Accenture, Bratislava, Slovak republic

Members who join a chapter are contacted by the chapter, but it’s important to welcome members-at-large, too.  The EME region continues to grow, in spite of tough economic conditions.  This shows the value of IABC membership and our regional network and our programme of member engagement and thought leadership.

The EME region benefits from flexibility in membership dues which recognises economic differences in countries across the region.  For more information on dues levels, contact Regional Chair Gloria Walker, ABC or Finance Director Allan Jenkins.

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