IABC ABC Accreditation

Gloria Walker explains how to gain professional accreditation. All you need to know to get started and advance your career through IABC’s globally recognised professional credential program.

October is Accreditation Month at IABC. Submit your application in October to qualify for our annual prize drawing, http://www.iabc.com/abc

IABC Accreditation from Audrey Scarff on Vimeo

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2 thoughts on “IABC ABC Accreditation

  1. Hi Ion,

    We can hold accrediation workshops and exams locally where there are four or more candidates who want to go through the programme. There are certainly members in Romania who meet the criteria so when you want to take this forward, just let me know. I’d be happy to come back for another visit.



  2. Hi Gloria,

    Just I saw your presentation about IABC Accreditation and I want to say you that ABC is a good opportunity even for Romanians members of IABC, especially those who works in multinationals or international agencies. Keep in touch!

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