Popular textbook now in Romanian, thanks to IABC member

Dr. Dennis Wilcox is recognised as one of the top textbook authors in our industry.  An edition of his popular textbook, “Public Relations – Strategies and Tactics”, has been translated into Romanian.  The US version of this book has been used in communications classes for many years and is known in Romania as the “PR Bible.”

(from left) Professor Dennis Wilcox discusses the newly published Romanian version of his textbook with Roxana Onea and Ion Vaciu.

The translation (Relatii Publice – Strategii si Tactici) was launched on 24 September 2009 at an event at the Central University Library’s Galateca Gallery in Bucharest.  Dr. Wilcox attended the launch, giving a presentation titled “Communication Strategies – How to Survive the Economic Crisis” and answering questions from local communicators and journalists.  IABC EME Regional Director Gloria Walker, ABC, also attended the event.

Led by IABC EME member Ion Vaciu and Roxana Onea, a team of ten translators worked for six years to translate the 624-page volume.  According to one translator, “Sometimes we didn’t have the words in Romanian to match Dr. Wilcox’s meaning so we had to invent new terms as we went along.”

Ion is the first member of IABC in Romania, as well as  the founder of “Mobile Communications” magazine and a professor of public relations at the Univeristy of Bucharest’s Faculty of Communication and Public Relations.  Roxana is Marcom Manager for the PR firm of the media company which publishes the magazine.  The €25,000 project was supported by Vodafone Romania and Romtelecom.

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