Good Managers = Good Communicators

I recently came across the following gem describing what managers need to possess if the companies they lead are to survive in the current economic landscape:

“It’s not about ‘having a best friend at work,’ it’s about having a boss whom you respect, respects you, gives clear direction, communicates effectively, gathers feedback and uses it productively, draws a clear line of sight for you and your team’s duties to the organizational objectives, and who helps you understand your job and do it better.”

Written by a fellow by the name of Sean Williams in response to a blog by Mike Klein of the Employee Engagement Network ( , these words essentially all boil down to two essentials – managers being good at what they do and being good communicators!

That definition hit close to home, as I recently came across a company led by a boss who embodied the polar opposite.

In addition to being universally considered inept by the people underneath him, the boss showed little regard for employees’ hard work or even their feelings; his directions were typically clear as mud; feedback brought to him was either forgotten or misused; and instead of providing insight into the employees work and its overall function in the organization, he provided confusion.

The result: the quality of the company’s product has taken a dive, the company’s best employees have jumped ship or are preparing to, and the company’s biggest customer has sailed off into the sunset (probably) never to return!

It goes without saying that if certain ways of communicating aren’t changed soon in that particular company, it won’t be around for much longer.

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