Participate in the IABC Research Foundation study of communication department organizational design

If you work in the private sector or the non-profit sector and are not the head of your organization’s primary communication department, please forward the following information to the head of your communication department and encourage them to complete this survey.

Chief PR/Communication Officers and Heads of PR/Communication Departments (EVPs, SVPs, VPs or Directors):
While there is some anecdotal evidence, little formal research has been published on PR/Communication department organizational structure—particularly on the models in use, the strengths and weaknesses of each of those models and the factors that drive the chief communication officer to choose a specific organizational design. These questions will be addressed by the Global Study on Communication Department Structure. Your experience is needed in helping the research team determine the structural models employed in organizing PR/communication departments and the factors that influence the choice of one model over another.

An international research team is seeking 13 minutes of your time, if…

  1. you work for a for-profit/private corporation or not-for-profit/NGO sector organization, and
  2. you lead your organization’s primary PR/communication department.

To take the survey, please follow this link:

While your answers will remain confidential, your shared experience can benefit all chief communication officers in pursuing organizational effectiveness. The results of this first-ever study will add to the body of managerial knowledge available to heads of PR/communication.

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