Leadership Institute: Presentations and resources for continuing the conversation

Proceedings, presentations and resources for continuing the conversation following the 2010 IABC Europe & Middle East Leadership institute are posted here.


We’ve captured the #EMELI tagged Twitter activity and posted it here. Do make sure you’re following @IABCEME for regular updates in the Twittersphere as well as the #IABCEME hashtag.

IABC Europe & Middle East 2010 Leadership Institute from Michael Ambjorn on Vimeo.


More about IABC Europe & Middle East: europe.iabc.com/


Marc Wright, IABC EME chair, opened the event and also talked about Eurocomm 2011 which will be held at the European Training Foundation at the stunning Villa Gualino in Turin on April 7th/8th 2011. Be sure to mark your calendar.

John Smythe: The Velvet Revolution at Work: The rise of employee engagement; the fall of command & control

The research data used to draw these conclusions can be accessed from Engage4Change’s download page.┬áThere’s also a recent article here … and to stay tuned to the latest, follow @engage4change on Twitter.

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Other presentations were:

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The list of registered Leadership Institute attendees can be found here – complete with links to LinkedIn for easy follow-up.

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