20 Twitter Tips

Just in case anyone out there was looking for ideas on what to tweet about, here is a list I came across.

Use tweets to:

1. answer customer questions, and even be proactive by making up a list of questions and answering them weekly

2. provide a look at your company and the work you do from your point of view

3. offer case studies for download

4. announce deals, offers, sales …

5. announce events you’re hosting or support, as well as keep would-be attendees abreast of the particulars

6. provide interesting facts, figures and news items.

7. educate your public about social networking in general and your social networks in particular

8. participate in conversations via Twitter interviews

9. retweet information from others, giving credit to the originator, and build your network at the same time.

10. inform your audience about live events and follow-up events

11. get your company or brand noticed by using taglines and other “memetic” content

12. break news stories by including links to a piece of news content

13. give your opinion in mini-editorials

14. share images

15. share your favourite quotes

16. share links to interesting sites, blogs…

17. share tips of your area of expertise

18. remind your audience what makes you and your company valuable

19. provide holiday gift ideas even up to the last minute

20. link to YouTube videos.

This list is a synopsis of 26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets by Debbie Hemley.

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