Q&A with Neill Griffiths

Neil Griffths - IABC Europe & Middle East 2011 Gold Quill Co-ordinator

If you’re up-to-speed on your IABC Europe & Middle East mail* you’ll recently have heard that Neil is co-ordinating the 2011 Europe & Middle East submissions for Gold Quill and EMErald.

Here’s a brief Q&A with him:

I joined the IABC because…

I wanted to stay connected to best practice and other practitioners after I graduated from my PR Management program. I love being part of a movement that brings the best of communication to business and society.

Here’s what I get out of being a member…

I get a lot of motivation. It’s quite inspiring to be surrounded by so many generous people committed to the profession. The result is that I experience a variety of perspectives that influence my work and my approach to different challenges. It’s also great to know there a resource (human or other!) that I can turn to for insight.

My biggest communication challenge right now is…

In my current job, it’s aligning our different product groups around a common global vision, and also to position communications within a company where a different comm. structure/culture exists across every business unit.

My IABC moment was when I realised [why I had joined the right organisation]…

It was at the 2010 World Conference in Toronto. It kind of all came together: Just how vast IABC’s scope is and the role it plays around the world. There’s research, best practice, professional development, human connections, society… It’s pretty cool.

Right now I am reading…

As at November 2010, ‘Judi Dench – and furthermore’ & a re-read of ‘Corporate Conversations’ by Shel Holz, ABC.

Follow Neil on Twitter and find him on LinkedIn – and be sure to start thinking about whether to pitch for the 2011 Gold Quill and EMErald awards.

* Didn’t get the memo? Be sure to check that your mailing preferences are up-to-date: https://secure.iabc.com/update/ (requires login).

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