Scholarships available for EuroComm 2011

Once again scholarships are available to regional members to attend EuroComm. This year’s conference is being held on 7th & 8th April 2011 in Turin, Italy. Each scholarship includes the registration fee and the sum of EUR 250 to be applied to travel costs and lodging.

To apply for one of the three awards, please email Michael Ambjorn, Vice Chair IABC EME with the following information before 7 March 2011. Applications will be reviewed by a committee and approved by the regional Board. Please keep your application brief (300 words). Good luck!

EuroComm 2011 Scholarship Application Deadline: 7th March 2011



How participation at EuroComm will benefit you:

How your participation at EuroComm will benefit IABC:

Statement of need for financial assistance:

Email to: Michael Ambjorn

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