Dell Computers Social Media Listening Command Center a Success

Dell Computers has made a success of its launch of a Social Media Listening Command Center to help communicate with customers and monitor brand image on Twitter, Facebook, and other online channels, reported. Located at Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, the unit consists of two to three employees who monitor approximately 20,000 online conversations that deal with Dell computers.

The command center is armed with various monitoring tools to follow the leading topics, who’s speaking, Dell’s share of the conversation and how Dell is responding.

Although the actual communication with customers is the job of the social outreach support (SOS) team, the command centre helps the SOS team decide where to spend its energies.

As online reputation is important to Dell, the command center was developed to track how quickly the SOS team responded to complaints and even measures improving perception of the company and its products. The centre also provides geographical data allowing for better marketing decisions.

According to Ragan, Dell operates the command centre around 4 C’s: Containment (dealing with complaints and other issues quickly), Commitment (training employees to the company’s social media standard), Control (providing employees with the right amount of access to social media) and Coordination (getting the right messages to the right people).

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