IABC Europe & Middle East AGM

Thanks to all who participated in Tuesday’s fully booked AGM & Networking event held in the heart of London. Big thanks to Clare Woodcraft from the Shell Foundation who really made it happen.

We had a great crowd including dignitaries such as Russell Grossman from the IABC International Executive Board (who has also just completed another tour of duty as World Conference Chair); Past-Chair Barbara Gibson, President IABC Switzerland Andrew Morrison; immediate Past-President UK Lindsay Eynon and the list goes on…

If you couldn’t make it then you can catch up with what happened here.

We punched through the agenda in a fast-paced manner and you can flick through the presentation:

The year in review

The 2010-11 board had an impressive line-up of achievements – and if we pick just the things starting with the letter E: from EMELI to EMEralds to the sold-out and thousand-tweeted Eurocomm – all of which helped drive an 11% return in membership in otherwise very economic tough conditions.

There’s so much more though: from field-trips to Sarajevo to promising beginnings in Barcelona to pull-through in Poland. None of this would have been achieved without the leadership of Marc Wright.

Also big thanks to Gloria Walker and Rob Briggs who both retired from the board after many years of distinguished service for IABC across Europe & Middle East.

What’s next?

We’re extremely pleased to report that this year’s electronic voting had a record-setting turnout. The AGM adopted the proposed slate. Here is your new team and we invite you to reach out to them.

They have big shoes to fill – and with the strong engagement we’re seeing it is clear that expectations are high.

The newly confirmed board will meet in Brussels early July to discuss next steps across the full portfolio but here are a couple of things you can be certain are coming up:

  • Gold Quill and EMErald built on a solid 2010-11 foundation
  • Europe & Middle East Leadership Institute in Copenhagen this September
  • Member-at-Large event in the Middle East early 2012

More to come on communications, connections and other areas where we will support your career.

If you have views, Be Heard – and/or if you’re keen to help – be sure to reach out via LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other contact points listed on the board page.

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