Doing the right thing

One of the jobs of the Chair for the Europe & Middle East Region is to represent chapters and members-at-large on the Council of Regions which meets on the first Thursday of the month. It is a two-way dialogue so if you have things to raise, feel free to reach out to me. [I’d of course be grateful if you’ve checked with your local leadership first if they can’t perhaps answer / resolve your question.]

Now back to the call … This month the discussion focused around the resources available to help communicators when it comes to ethics and how to handle conflicts of interest.

Wilma Mathews ABC stopped by to share her view of where the IABC is at on this front, took questions and also made some suggestions for items you might want to check out:

  • IABC Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators
  • The IABC Policy Manual Adobe PDF icon
  • The IABC Ethics Quiz Adobe PDF icon

The latter is a core requirement if you’re thinking about accreditation, but worthwhile even if you’re not.

The May/June issue of CW Magazine also featured a range of articles related to doing the right thing (you’ll need to log in to access):

A Matter of Trust – Most of us will never have to deal with the kinds of scandals that have plagued the corporate world, but that doesn’t mean we don’t encounter ethical dilemmas every day
Take a Stand – How bringing ethics and reputation management into your decisions can help your organization and advance your career
Copy, Paste, Steal? – Is plagiarism theft or simply laziness? Either way, more people appear comfortable with lifting passages from others’ work
What’s So Great About Face-to-Face? – Technology may be a great facilitator, but when a communication has any emotional charge, a face-to-face meeting is the most effective choice
Shifting the Source-Press Relationship – Facing a government inquiry, Petrobras opens communication via a blog-and changes the flow of information
Managing Corporate Reputation in Emerging Economies – PR expert Nicola Montorsi shares some of the challenges of crisis communication in Latin America and elsewhere

No shortage of reading material (and there is of course much more on Discovery).

I hope we can perhaps get some discussions kicked off over on the UK LinkedIn group as well as the Belgian Ning about this essential topic. The first person I’m going to check in with is UK President Jane Mitchell as she specialises in this field.

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