EME professional development committee – struck & springing into action!

Europe & Middle East Director for Professional Development, Neil Griffiths, has struck a region-wide committee of chapter PD leads and other willing and able committee volunteers to advance the professional development offering at the chapter level and other core PD opportunities.

The committee had its first call on August 17 and outlined the priorities for the coming year. These can be summarized briefly:

  1. TaraxacumChapter interaction: Increase the level of exchange in terms of PD planning (best practice) and cross-chapter participation in events. Give the PD leads the chance to interact and share ideas.
  2. Gold Quill / EMErald: Develop the recognition framework for award winners; promote the Gold Quill process as an ongoing professional development opportunity.
  3. ABC: Conduct a review of competing accreditation programs and other PD programs. Create a positioning strategy to help chapters promote value of ABC and encourage ABC candidates.
  4. Master Communicator: Explore the idea of the concept run out of Canada that recognizes a leading practitioner from EME.

The committee will meet regularly to exchange ideas, insight and suggestions to strengthen the region’s PD portfolio. Anyone interested in learning more can contact Neil Griffiths at negriff [at] hotmail.com – you can also find him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter: @negriff

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