The Global Standard. A Personal Statement: October is IABC’s Accreditation Month

The Accredited Business Communication (ABC) designation is widely acknowledged as the gold standard in professional communications. In fact, it’s the only internationally recognized accreditation program for communications practitioners. The ABC establishes expertise in strategic planning and current best practices in the communication field. People who’ve earned their ABC designation attest that having the credential has improved their resumé, increased their confidence and brought value to their organizations.

1 October to 15 November is the best time of year to apply to the ABC program, as anyone applying during that period will receive a US$20 gift certificate to the IABC Knowledge Centre, and will be entered in a drawing for valuable prizes selected to enhance candidates’ path to accreditation.

Wondering what difference an ABC will make to you as an EME member?

Here are just a few reflections from people who’ve already been through the process:

Gloria Walker, ABC, is a long-time member of IABC/UK and is currently Director of Global Outreach on IABC’s international accreditation committee. As Gloria explains, “I’m working with candidates from across Europe, who are very excited about earning their ABC. They view it as a way to stand out from their peers and show their employers and clients that they are recognized internationally for their professional skills and competences.”

Helen McArthur from Hyman Robertson is IABC/UK’s newest ABC. Here’s an account in her words: “Accreditation is a very thorough process that really makes you think about the way you approach your work on a day to day basis. It combines both the theory and the practice. I found that extremely useful and the feedback was incredibly thorough and constructive.”

Lisa Marshall, ABC, started her accreditation program as part of Unilever’s Corporate Accreditation Program. Now in a senior role with Arup, Lisa commented, “It’s true to say that accreditation has had a significant impact on me. I’ve worked in the communications industry for many years and I was pleased and proud that my employer was prepared to invest in my continued development. I’m considered an experienced communications practitioner, but I still learned a huge amount.”

Full details of the accreditation program are available through IABC’s website at Watch out for more information on accreditation throughout the year.

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