Reasons to enter your work to IABC’s Gold Quill – an EME testimonial

There are 10 time-tested top reasons to enter IABC’s Gold Quill Awards. EME region member, Caroline Sapriel, explains why she made the decision to enter.

Enjoy the accomplishment & inspire your team

“Overthe years, as a long time IABC member, I’ve always admired the Gold Quill/EMErald Awards and impressed by the quality of the winning entries. It was something that I always thought of doing, but somehow never had the time to do. Finally last year, I decided that with the celebration of my firm’s 20th anniversary, it was time and that it fitted well. We entered our “2011 10 Commandments of Crisis Management Calendar” and to my surprise and the surprise of my team, we won an EMErald! Not that we doubted the quality andmessage of the Calendar, but because there are so many excellent entries andthe competition is tough. We were thrilled: we really enjoyed the process and the accomplishment. The award is proudly displayed in our office and works as a continuous reminder that inspires our team!”

Watch Caroline giving some tips on using social media in a crisis at an IABC Belgium event earlier this year.

Caroline Sapriel, Managing Director, CS&A International Risk, Crisis & Business Continuity Management

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