Minter Dial to Speak at EMELI 2012: The Future of Learning

We mentioned earlier that we have a fantastic line-up for you at this year’s IABC EME Leadership Institute in Paris October 22nd. So here’s a sneak peek at our keynote speaker, Minter Dial.

Minter is President and founder of The Myndset Company, and a professional speaker, coach & consultant on Branding and Digital Marketing. To cut a long (and interesting) story short, over a 16 year career in four countries for L’Oreal, his experience includes running the Redken brand worldwide, managing the L’Oreal Canada professional subsidiary as well as running eBusiness, communications and education for the L’Oréal PPD worldwide. Now, with The Myndset, Minter consults for major brands such as Orange, PPR (Redcats), Samsung, Publicis, Canal+, Mazda and more.

Disruptive shifts: The Future of Learning

Minter will be delivering some great insights on The Future of Learning and why companies need to evolve into learning organisations. And …. what we can do about it as professional communicators. We think it’s a great model for coping with the disruptive shifts to our industry. Check out blog to find out more about Minter or take a look at his brand paper here.

We’ll bring you a little more detail later on. Meanwhile, we’re off again – busy arranging lots more goodies for the EME Leadership Institute 2012.

We hope to see you there!

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