EMELI 2012 Program: Suzanne Salvo and the Visual (R)Evolution


Not every picture tells a thousand words. But some do. Visualisation is the best way to communicate complex ideas, simply. And here’s the facts to prove it.

Suzanne Salvo, one half of the award-winning Salvo photography studio, has the key. Suzanne is an IABC all-star presenter, world conference speaker and longtime IABC visual communications lynchpin.

Which is why it’s great to announce her as the latest addition to our program at this year’s EMELI in Paris in October. (Registration details coming very soon!)

In her presentation Suzanne will be helping us learn to ‘speak’ the language of visuals, and incorporate them into our strategic communication planning process.

The Visual (R)Evolution …

We are living in disruptive times. As communicators we privilege the written word. But things have changed. From Pinterest to infographics, Facebook to Flickr, it’s easy to see that the importance of visual communications is on the rise.

Stock corporate images and talking-head videos simply won’t cut it for today’s media-literate audience.

And it makes sense. Our brains are powered by visualisation. We think in pictures, not words. Digital photo technology has changed in the way we communicate. And we need to respond, step up our visual communication skills.

Want to know how? Well, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to come along! Look forward to seeing you there.

EMELI 2012 is open to both board members from our European and Middle East chapters … and to any IABC Europe and Middle East member who wants to get to know us better.

We’ll be back soon with that registration news!

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