EMELI 2012 Program latest: turning Mission into Reality

IABC Mission into ReailtyRegistrations for EMELI 2012 are almost there. Looks like we’re going to have a great attendance. We’re nearly at capacity. But there’s still a few of you who haven’t signed up yet. If you’ve not yet registered, don’t be shy … sign up here. And don’t forget there’s some nice hotels in the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, back on the program, we have a little more detail for you. Straight after the morning break, Robin McCasland will take the stage.


11:00 Turning Mission into Reality


As you know, IABC strategy is focused on the three pillars of career, content and business.

Our mission is to deliver great value to our members – and engage and influence the wider business community to build the value of our profession along the way.

Which is great. But it’s one thing to have a strategy and a mission – and another thing entirely to turn it into reality.

In her presentation, Robin is going to share her experience on how we can make it happen.

As you may know, Robin is 2012-2013 vice chair of our international executive board, multiple Gold Quill winner, and past chair of the IABC Research Foundation. Plus, Robin is currently Employee Engagement and Internal Communication Leader for the Services division of Dell, Inc., in Dallas, Texas.

So whether you are thinking about your Chapter – or even thinking about your own business, Robin’s insights are sure to add some great fuel to the fire.

Look forward to seeing you very soon in Paris!



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