Learnings from a wonderful 2012 EMELI. PART 1.

Europe Middle East Leadership Institute

Wow! That was one great Leadership Institute. It was fun, interesting … and inspiring.

Board members from 9 countries across Europe met on Sunday (dinner, drinks and network) and Monday (the program, more drinks, more networking!) to connect and share the best of what they had to offer.

Plus, the weather topped out at 23 degrees, which made for a beautiful ‘Indian summer’ feel to the whole Parisian affair.

So, what was it like? First … the thanks, then the lowdown on the program itself:

Thanks to Alcatel Lucent, who sponsored the fine venue, which was literally next door the the Eiffel Tower. Stunning. Nice food too.

Thanks to Chris and Suzanne from Salvo photo who captured the whole event perfectly in images and sound, so it will live on a little longer.

A major shout-out to Claudia Vaccarone and Neil Griffiths, who did a wonderful job in all the logistics, planning and organisation. (Nice one, folks, you are brilliant.)

A very special thanks to the speakers, who were gracious enough to share their knowledge and experience, and share great stories on what makes for a successful chapter, and more.

And of course, thanks to all the EME board members who attended – you really made the whole thing come alive!

And so, to the program …


The Future of Learning

In his keynote, the urbane and charming Minter Dial of The Myndset Company shared his experiences in building a globally competitive brand.

Our key learning? By adopting an ‘Educational’ mindset, by offering value to your customers over and above the call of the usual marketing strategies, it is possible to build a globally competitive brand. (Connect with Minter.)


Building an Effective Board

Stephen Welch, President, IABC UK was relaxed and insightful. Stephen framed the rise, fall and rise of the IABC UK Board in a tale of vikings, banks and the search for new lands.

Our key learning? A bigger board, with more shared responsibilities, equips chapters for the journey to success. (Connect with Stephen.)


Events Programming that Works

Claudia Vaccarone and Lise Janody of IABC France were the epitomy of teamwork. Together, they showed how adopting a ‘show, don’t tell’ approach can help a chapter beat strong national competition.

Our key learning? If you need a best practice model for events, IABC France is the chapter to look to. Focus on the content of events to demonstrate value, develop partners in both corporate and academia, and build a through the line team – from board to events support. (Connect with Claudia and Lise.)


Turning IABC Mission into Reality

Special thanks to Robin McCasland, Vice Chair, IEB, who came all the way from Dallas, Texas, to update us on IABC global strategy. Jetlag didn’t seem to phase her in the slightest, and her vital and straight-talking presentation was warmly recieved.

Our key learning? IABC global now has the right team, committment, approach and plans to help drive change throughout the IABC. We’re looking forward! (Connect with Robin.)


Let’s Bring Home the Gold!

Neil Griffiths, IABCEME Vice Chair, Treasurer and co-host was gracious and supportive throughout the full two days. In his update on IABC chapter management awards Neil took us through the process, opportunities and benefits of entering the chapter management awards.

Our key learning? No chapter is too small! Success comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, and can help build on your success and visibility. You have month to enter for 2013! Check it out here. (Connect with Neil.)

And then there was lunch – which was delicious!

We’ll be back later on with some more learnings from EMELI 2012.

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