Part 2. More learnings from EMELI 2012.

And so, we pick up straight where we left off from the first part of our review of this year’s EMELI in Paris. Straight after lunch we found out that …


… Words are dead!

In her fabulously inimitable style, Suzanne Salvo (one half of the award-winning Salvo photography team) shared some terrible pictures. Which showed us why it’s so important to be fluent in the language of visuals. After covering the perils of big cheque pics, unfortunate framing and more, she showed us how it really should be done!

Our key learning? As the rise of pinterest, flickr and even infographics shows, being a great communicator today isn’t just about ‘words’. It means being visually literate too. (Connect with Suzanne)


Gold Quill and professional development

Vita Kernel came from IABC Slovenia fully intact with her charm and dry humour to deliver a genuine masterclass in the use of Gold Quill for professional development. The proof? IABC Slovenia members have won seven Gold Quills in seven years, and the chapter is going from strength to strength.

Our key learning? When approached strategically, Gold Quill can help build the professional reputation of individuals, organisations and the IABC, both nationally and internationally. (Connect with Vita)


Thriving online communities 

Phil Weiss, our chair, was affable and debonair as ever. In his pressie, Phil walked us through his journey in building the Belgium chapter – one of our most active and engaged. Steve Seager, our quick and curious director of comms, used Monty Python’s Holy Grail and a picture of a naked man (!) to help unpack what truly makes ‘content’ great.

Our key learning? Building a thriving online community takes both infrastructure and content, as well as a fully hands-on approach to connecting, sharing and conversation. (Connect with Phil and Steve)


From survival to revival

All the way from IABC Montreal, Sharon Hunter delivered an epic Biblical story covering the Genesis, Fall and Resurrection of one of IABC’s most successful global chapters. Composed (or was that jet-lag?) and yet thoroughly inspiring, Sharon gave us a masterclass on what it really takes to build a successful chapter.

Our key learning? Difficult to pick out just one. Perhaps the understanding that growth is a cha-cha – two steps forwards, one step back. Ok, one more: the combination of seniors and students, young professionals and universities really rocks. (Connect with Sharon)


Almost the last words

To close off, I’m switching back to myself; Steve Seager. As I said recently, having such talented and experienced IABC colleagues is a real treat. Every single IABC event I’ve ever attended has enriched my network, my knowledge, and my appreciation of colleagues’ work. That’s not an idle bit of blag. I genuinely recommend joining us. But don’t just take my word for it, feel free to contact any of the people you come across in the IABC, and ask them what they get out of it.

If you’d like to know more about any of the presentations from this year’s EMELI, connect with the speakers and simply ask!


The last words

The last words come collectively from our board. A sincere bow once again to Neil Griffiths and Claudia Vaccarone, who organised the whole EMELI 2012 kit and caboodle and thanks for a truly splendid job. Thank you, kindly. Oh, and don’t think we forgot you, Michael Ambjorn (our fantastically still active past chair). Many thanks for the ongoing wit, wisdom, media skills and support.


Next up?

Watch out for news on Eurocomm 2013 on the 11th and 12 April 2013 in Brussels. Those in the know call it Europe’s leading conference on corporate communication. As a taster, below is a pic from the IABCEME Flickr stream from Eurocomm 2011. Lots more learning, network and energy to be had, so please be sure to join us.


We’re looking out for you!

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