EMELI in Practice: visual communication

One of the great things about EMELI is that we can put many of our learnings directly into practice. Here’s a case in point:

Dr. Laoise O’Murchú, our IABC Ireland President, was so inspired by Suzanne Salvo’s presentation on visual communication that she jumped straight into action to brush up up her own visual communication skills.

Down below is her post recently published on her blog which is, by the way, packed with fantastic tips, resources and insights on internal and change management.


Taking a different view!

By Dr. Laoise O’Murchú.

Inspired by Suzanne Salvo at the EMELI European Leadership Institute in Paris recently I took this photo before returning home.

Paris EMELI Visual communication

Suzanne, a multi-award winning photographer, believes that quantity has won out over quality when it comes to photography and video production. She explained that:

“Any image that can be had cheap and that vaguely resembles the who, what or why of a story – no matter how badly exposed, haphazardly composed, no matter how poorly lit – is being published.”

After showing us a sample of these ‘poor’ photos (many of which looked uncomfortably familiar to me) she provided us all with some useful tips on achieving more interesting photos.

– Look at your subject from a more interesting perspective

– Tell a story with your photos

Inspired but not confident, I decided to start with inanimate objects in my quest to take more interesting photos! I’ll let you know how I get on when I progress to humans.

Suzanne and her husband Chris are co-owners of Salvo Photography, an international award-winning studio and when they are not undertaking assignments around the globe they share their experience in action-packed workshops.

I am a total convert – sign me up for the next one!!

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