IABC Europe, Middle East Region Welcomes North Africa

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) has today approved the integration of North Africa to its Europe & Middle East region.

This move will better connect existing members from countries across the north of the Africa with more established European chapters.

The region will now be known as IABC EMENA. It has established chapters in nine countries across Europe, as well as over 100 members-at-large in places with no official chapter.

The integration of North Africa consolidates existing work of the regional board to establish a presence in the region.

The initial strategy will focus on:

1. Building stronger relationships with existing North African members who have expressed a desire to better connect with IABC Europe and Middle East – and, are actively building a reputation for innovation and creativity in communication

2. Better connecting Europe and North Africa through social networks and virtual events via new IABC EME online infrastructure

3. Establishing a ‘content strategy’ in which we exchange profiles, insights and news between EME and North Africa.

Messages from the Region Board

Phil Weiss, Chair of the region board:

“The decision was taken following a recommendation from IABC’s Global Growth Task Force – and individual members in North Africa. The member experience will be richer for those in North Africa, who were somewhat disconnected from their peers in the south of the continent. We are eager to engage with them and learn more about how we can better serve their needs.”

Michael Ambjorn, region board Past Chair:

“Over the past several terms, our board has held events, secured speakers and generated content from the Middle East, despite not having an established chapter there. This move will demonstrate the region’s commitment to building a network for effective communication in this part of the world and helps us highlight how great the work is that’s coming from the Middle East and North Africa.”

Steve Seager, region director of Communications:

“The combination of highly active members, massive social media adoption and innovative communications in North Africa is genuinely exciting. It’s a great opportunity to build even more value for all through our existing channel and content strategy. It’s a perfect fit.”

For more information

For all updates on IABC EMENA and to follow the integration of North Africa, including profiles from key people in the region, keep an eye our right here!

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