EuroComm Speaker Update: Red Cross, EC and the Pirate Party

IABC Europe EuroComm speakers 2013Things are hotting up here at EuroComm mission control.

Check out latest updates to our programme. There’s a .pdf version to download too (with even more info!).

Meanwhile …



Here’s a profile on just three of our esteemed speakers:

Robert Madelin, director general of the European Commission’s directorate-general for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT).

Christian Engstrom, Swedish Pirate Party deputy chairman, MEP, activist and champion of both the freedom of information, and human rights.


Margaret O’Donnell, digital media manager at the British Red Cross. With more than 90 million members and staff worldwide, one of the world’s best known humanitarian organisations.



EuroComm 2013 speaker Robert MadelinNo sphere of our lives is free from today’s disruptions.

As Robert recently said, ‘The old command and control way of working, no longer works.’ And so, we must innovate – do things differently.

As a staunch proponent of the ‘digital native’ within government, Robert has already made huge strides in helping the European Commission innovate and adapt. Here are just three of the principles he has put into practice to date:

– You can’t lead if you don’t lead. This means devoting time every day to social media. This won’t happen if you assume you must be at your desk, so make it mobile from day one.

– Self select a group of pioneers: don’t force social media on everyone, just work with the enthusiasts and demonstrate what is possible.

– Be open about experimentation: If you are open about your intentions and limited competencies people will step in to help make it work.

We’re happy to welcome Robert to our speaker line-up.



EuroComm 2013 speaker Christian EngstromWe’re also happy to welcome Christian, Swedish Pirate Party deputy chairman, programmer, activist and MEP.

From whistle-blowing and WikiLeaks, to copyrights and the freedom of information, the Pirate Party is one of the most visible players tackling the digital disruptions within Europe today.

The Pirate Party believe: ‘our society is built upon the sharing of knowledge, ideas and culture. It is furthered by freedom of thought and expression, and protected by the rule of law.’

The Pirate Party exists to ensure the preservation and development of these foundations.

No matter what your industry, profession, or personal life has brought – you the digital revolution will have touched you.

We’re looking forward to hearing much more from him.



If we asked you to name the 5 most social brands of 2012 – across all industries – would you include the Red Cross?

You should. They’re right there at number 5. Next to Starbucks and Innocent.

Margaret O’Donnell, Digital Media Manager for the British Red Cross, has joined our speaker lineup.

As you probably do know, the Red Cross is a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. That’s quite some mission. And one hell of a challenge for digital strategy.

The British Red Cross’s aim is to be ‘Digital by default, user-centred by design’ – for half a million unique users each month! We know we’re in good hands with Margaret.


After such a great start – where will we be going next? Stay tuned and find out!

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