EuroComm 2013: Crescenzo & Wah on Story & Content


We’re delighted to announce two extra sessions from two of the IABC’s biggest names for our pre-EuroComm workshops on April 10.

Plus, we’ve now included the pre-conference workshops in the conference price as well. So you get even more value for your registration fee!

Our special guests, Steve Crescenzo and Jennifer Wahwill speak on creative strategic communication and the power of storytelling in today’s complex and crowded communications environment.

Here’s a little more info on Steve and Jennifer, and what to expect:



Steve Crescenzo Eurocomm 2013Steve Crescenzo is a seasoned strategic communicator, who was voted the #1 seminar leader for the IABC Global Conference from 2008-2010, and is five year speaker on the IABC ‘All Star Track’.

As he points out, it’s increasingly difficult to capture employees’ attention with our messaging today. So we need to change the very nature of how we communicate.

In his hands-on workshop, Steve will draw upon dozens of real-life examples showing how you can break all the ‘rules’ to create content that your leadership will love, and your audiences will pay attention to – and act on!

Just a few of the insights he will offer include:

– How to tie creative communications with strategic goals

– How to flip your organisational headset from ‘We’ve always done it this way,’ to ‘Let’s try something different’

– How to find, surface and tell the kinds of stories that cut through the clutter



Jennifer Wah is an international award-winning communications consultant, Master Communicator (IABC Canada’s highest honour) and former IEB member.

In her workshop, Jennifer will lead you through an interactive session on storytelling – one of the most powerful tools that have carried communities through disruption and change throughout the ages.

You’ll get to know the historical context for the art and craft of storytelling, and learn how to link your organization’s business needs with the stories of its people.

Jennifer will review and discuss award-winning case studies. She’ll cover storytelling tools and cross-cultural techniques such as Pecha Kucha. Plus, you’ll get a chance to practice techniques yourself, so you can apply it back in your workplace.

From engaging communities to encouraging a storytelling culture, raising awareness and improving performance, Jennifer will help you bring your team’s stories to life – and give life to those stories.



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