New EuroComm speaker! Maersk – a social media masterclass

EuroComm 2013 Programme MaerskWe’re thrilled to let you know that Klavs Valskov, Head of Communication in Maersk Line is our latest addition to our already top-notch speaker line-up.

And that’s pretty damn exciting.


In case you didn’t know, Maersk Line won the 2012 European Digital Communication awards for ‘Social Media Campaign of the Year’ – directly in competition with some of the world’s largest B2C brands.

Here’s what the awards folks had to say:

‘At an extremely low cost shipping giant Maersk Line has secured an astounding 420,000 fans on Facebook and a comprehensive presence on 8 other platforms – in less than 11 months. The company’s social media programme has changed the face of Maersk Line and is an example for other B2B companies to follow.’

As of today, they’ve almost doubled that figure – and they’re still on a roll. They’re doing so well that Facebook actually contacted them to find out how. Now that’s disruptive communication.



Sign up here for EuroComm 2013 and hear how Maersk Line developed and applied what Jonathan Wichmann, Maersk Line head of social media, calls their ‘Ten Social Media Commandments‘:

1. Remember it’s communication, not marketing

2. Do it yourself

3. Keep costs down

4. Don’t be afraid

5. Improvise

6. Make it visual, and simple

7. Tell stories

8. Ensure the full organisation is behind it

9. No mass distribution!

10. Build on what you have done.

Surely it can’t be that easy. Can it?

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