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One of the things to come out of the IABC Leadership Institute earlier this year was the focus on improving communications – a case in point is the new IABC Weekly Update which should be hitting your inbox automatically.

It’s a handy summary for the time-pressed

Here are a couple of quick useful items from the most recent issue – with a bit of IABC Europe / Middle East / North Africa context added in.

Connect for World Conference

Nearly 700 people have become part of the online community for IABC’s biggest event of the year. Feel free to make this your connection to fellow attenders and speakers, upload photos, post and comment on blogs and discussions, and stay updated on conference news. Get a preview of great content through articles and discussions with featured speakers. Here’s some of what you’ll find:                        


  • Amy Caroll: Communication skills – The predator, prey or partner model
  • Suzanne Salvo: Photo ethics
  • Daniel Munslow: The role of leadership in the communication cycle
Europe / Middle East / North Africa context >>> Suzanne is one of our own! Runs the Speakers Bureau. Find her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

Gold Quill winners to be announced

Later this week, over 200 people will be informed by personal letter that they are winners of this year’s Gold Quill Awards. That’s the largest number of winners we’ve had in several years, and the over 800 entrants also marked a milestone since we’d seen lower numbers in the recent past. All of this year’s entries were evaluated by a Blue Ribbon Panel of more than 140 evaluators who met in person – London, Melbourne, Pretoria, San Francisco and Toronto – and virtually to provide individual feedback. We’ll be posting a complete list of winners next week. In the meantime, congratulations to the winners, and a huge thank you to all of the entrants, evaluators, committee members and staff who helped make this year’s program a success.

Europe / Middle East / North Africa context >>> See the pictures from the EMErald Awards at Eurocomm – and of the London Blue Ribbon panel team – all on our Flickr stream:

More content on the new YouTube channel, “IABC live”

We’ve recently added more content to our new YouTube channel, IABClive. Right now, the content is focused on speakers you’ll see when you attend this year’s World Conference. We encourage members to submit videos from chapter and regional events as well. We’ll be highlighting more videos in the weeks to come, including interviews with World Conference speakers and other communication experts. For more information, send a note to [email protected].

Europe / Middle East / North Africa context >>> See the channel guide for more place you can find IABC content and places to connect and collaborate.

Michael Ambjorn is past chair IABC Europe / Middle East / North Africa – follow him @michaelambjorn

P.S. Not getting the Weekly Update? Head over to and make sure your contact details are as currant as you are. Not a member? Join.

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