Vote! 2013-14 IABC EMENA Board slate. 2013 AGM Notice

This is your formal notice of the 2013 IABC Europe / Middle East / North Africa Annual General Meeting (AGM) – it will be a WebEx Conference running from 17:30 BRUSSELS on 20 June 2013. More on this to follow.

Meanwhile, would you mind sparing a minute or two to help us appoint the 2013/14 board for IABC Europe / Middle East / North Africa?

This is the team that supports your local chapter leadership, looks after you directly if you’re a member at large, makes sure the region is represented internationally – and brings you EuroComm, the regional Leadership Institute as well as the one-stop location that collates what is going on across the region in case you’re on the road:

We need you to review the nominees and then indicate if you accept the proposed slate. In the process you get to check out (and connect) with the proposed team tasked with taking things forward for the region. Big thanks to the team of leaders from across the region who met, in line with our bylaws, to consider the strong field of candidates.

Your view really counts: please review the profiles and cast your vote now as set out below.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Review the list above

2. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date – if you got a mail with the above on 20 May 2013 they most likely are (if not, here’s where to fix that:

3. Reply to our email with: YES / NO / ABSTAIN as the first line of the response.

Thank you for your participation.

Chair of the 2013-14 Nominations Panel
Past Chair, IABC Europe / Middle East / North Africa | Join now and Be Heard™

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