EuroComm 2013: video intro, content & channel update

Eurocomm communication conference

Down below is a video introduction to EuroComm 2013. Many thanks to the team at ZN for all their (ongoing) hard work. We’ll be rolling out more videos, and presentations from our speakers and participants too, over the coming weeks.

But first a quick guide to great EuroComm stuff already out there, some advice on how to connect to make sure you don’t miss any content, and …


In the two days of EuroComm we greeted around 120 communicators of all persuasions, of 16 nationalities, representing 9 EMENA chapters.

We had two pre-conference workshops, 11 TED-style speakers, 4 panel discussions, 6 breakout sessions and 15 member stories via Pecha Kucha-style presentations.

Online activity during those two days reached more than 188,070 online accounts and achieved a very respectable 1,373,954 impressions.

When we surveyed afterwards, we found that 87% of participants were more than likely to recommend EuroComm to a communications colleague.

All in all, a very successful edition of EuroComm, statistically speaking!


Connect with us on Vimeo, YouTube and G+ channel, which is only a few days old.

There’s presentations on Slideshare and, of course, you know our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


You can find almost an hour of EuroComm interviews here on soundcloud, courtesy of Simply-communicate. There’s also a great event summary and case study of Celine Schillinger’s internal comms presentation, once again from the folks at simply communicate.


Down below is an introduction to EuroComm 2013, as hosted by IABC EMENA 2012-2013 Chair, Phillip Weiss.

The next video will be Christian Bluemelhuber’s presentation on Porn, Style and Series – a new marketing model for a new age. If you can’t wait, here’s a post-event interview to keep you in the mood.

See you soon!

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