IABCEMENA: A regional perspective on disruptive conversation

Chris Sorek IABC Resigns | Be Heard

Dear All,

As you will have heard via the official press release or other channels, Chris Sorek recently resigned his position as global executive director.

This news triggered many conversations on both the way communications were handled, and around the current perceived state of leadership and mission within the IABC.

Much as our EuroComm 2013 theme, we see these disruptions as an opportunity to rethink how to change and improve IABC to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We’d like to share our regional perspective with you as colleagues and fellow volunteers.


We’ve been listening to your feedback, formal and informal, over the past 12 month and more.

We’ve been doing it through alerts, social monitoring and good old face-to-face conversations too.

We’ve been actively surfacing those conversations to help improve chapter support, improve our own communication strategy – and feed your perspectives back to global.

We acknowledge we haven’t communicated this. But we are working it, both politically and practically. There’s still work to be done. But we’re on it.


Changes in leadership are natural as an organisation progresses. And we are progressing. We have some great people on board at global whom we are fully confident will make a positive difference in the future.

We believe global’s strategy pillars are sound. And working from these pillars will give us everything we need to drive the IABC, our region, and our profession, forwards.

Strategy is not a fixed, monolithic thing. Instead, it will be shaped in the execution, by these ongoing conversations, and with your help.


Conversations in social channels are important to gain perspective on differing views and ideas. Unfortunately, at present, we simply don’t have the manpower to open our site here for comments. Hopefully, soon. Again, we’re working on it.

In the meantime, contacting us by mail, personally, will ensure you are heard at both EMENA board level so we can improve regionally – and feed back your views quickly, accurately and constructively to global.

We welcome your thoughts on how we can drive IABC and our profession forwards.

That’s what we’re here for as a board.

Be in touch!

Kind regards,

EMENA Board 2012-2013

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