EuroComm 2013 Video: Creating the Agile Organisation


The latest of our ongoing IABCEMENA EuroComm speaker videos is from Rav Dhaliwell, customer success manager at Yammer.

Acknowledging that we are in times of unprecedented disruption, Rav points out that most organisations today are simply not built for perpetual change. Rather, they are built for stability, control and repeatable processes that stem from the needs of the industrial revolution.

As a result many organisations are left with a legacy of a hierarchical, top-down, silo-ed company structure. However, we cannot face the challenges of today by doing what we did in the past.

So how can we adapt to a more flexible, agile, networked organisation model? And how can we best manage communication and value creation in this environment?

As Rav explains, social enterprise networks such as Yammer can help.


You can also find a short interview with Rav here. More videos from EuroComm soon!

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