Celine Schillinger: gender balance and community

Women in Sanofi Pasteur

(Editors note: I find Celine’s presentation incredibly inspiring. As communicators today, we are privileged. In our age of social communications we have the opportunity to actively drive change. But, and it’s a big but, only if we dare to stand up for what we believe in – Steve Seager)



How many of us can truly say we are agents of change? How many of us can claim to have broken down silos? Transformed corporate culture? Innovated within our organisations? Celine Schillinger can.

In one of EuroComm 2013‘s most talked about presentations, she tells the story of how she broke the corporate status quo to help create culture change within an organisation facing serious (even business threatening) gender-balance challenges.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what really works in terms of community and change, you simply cannot do any better than to take a look at Celine’s video below.

As she told us during the presentation, the WiSP (Women in Sanofi Pasteur) network now has more than 2,400 members (including men and women) across 50 countries.

The WiSP network itself has been awarded a gold trophy for Equality by APEC (France’s Association for Executive Employment).

Two Latin American affiliates of the WiSP program are currently running for United Nations gender balance certification.

And the network has now expanded outside of the corporate network into the work environment at large.

Be inspired!




Celine is Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Dengue, at Sanofi Pasteur. You can find her accompanying presentation here. She tweets from @CelineSchill and curates content on change and social collaboration here. You can find a great write-up here and her presentation was storified right here.


And be sure to share the success!

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