Neil Griffiths: The Future of Professional Communication

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You may know that Neil Griffiths is IABC EMENA Chair for 2013 2014. You may also know he is Director, Brand & Strategy at SNC-Lavalin.

But unless you were at EuroComm this year, you will not know that he is ‘bored’ with all the conversation on the ‘Future’ of our profession.


As Neil explains in his presentation below, the reason for his ‘boredom’ is that the majority of the insights offered to us on our future are opinion-based, rather than fact-based. CEOs are already opening the door to an expanded role for communication, the only question is; ‘Are we ready?’

In the video below Neil highlights the gap between the wants of the professional communicator and the needs of the organisation. He outlines the survey he has undertaken in partnership with Deborah Hinton (as introduced in this Communication World Article) to quantify this.

Perhaps most importantly, he uncovers a moment of truth that we, as a professional communicators, would do well to heed. The future is in your hands.

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