Welcome to the New IABC EMENA Board for 2014-2015


On Monday 7 July the new IABC EMENA Regional Board met for the first time since its nomination at the June General Assembly.

Our first face-to-face as a newly elected board was an inspiring meet where lots of ideas were shared on how to make the coming term a huge success — especially by providing the best value to members we possibly can.

The new board distributed roles and responsibilities among its members. You can see who is who, and responsible for what right here. And feel free to connect with everyone! So, how did the meeting go?

Enforcers, Angels and Philosophers

To kick things off, board member Jane Mitchell shared our MoralDNA™ profiles amongst the team. MoralDNA is an moral personality test designed to help map the values and assess the culture and integrity of the people in your organisation. These profile types were useful in helping us understand our individual and collective decision-making preferences, our strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, we believe we have a very strong board this year – with a combination of fresh ideas and perspectives from members serving their first term, and experience and legacy of ‘older’ board members serving another term.

EMENA Strategy and visit from IABC Chair of the IEB

The board discussed strategy and priorities for the coming year in line with the ongoing work initiated by the International Executive Board in the context of the 2014-2017 IABC strategy. Russell Grossman, Chair of the IABC International Executive Board, participated in the meeting – giving us an opportunity to discuss new exciting directions for growth for IABC globally. You should be hearing more from both Russell and ourselves on this soon.

EuroComm and the Leadership Institute

You’ll be happy to hear that EuroComm 2015 is now scheduled for 13-14 April 2015, and this year’s Leadership Institute will be held in Amsterdam on 2-3 November in Amsterdam. More news on LI soon. Remember to block your calendar!

Connecting Members-at-Large

Members-at-large will also be a strong focus for 2014-2015, with the board following up on the great work done by our previous board. Our goal: to provide even more value to those IABC members who currently are not affiliated with a chapter.

Be heard!

The first few months are critical for any new board. Aligning. Quickly building knowledge. And sharpening our focus. We will be meeting monthly, mostly via videoconference. All IABC EMENA members and leaders are most welcome to contact the Regional Board to suggest topics, share thoughts and ideas that could strengthen our offering in this coming term.

Welcome to 2014-2015!

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