Silvie Cambie: Shrinking the World with Social Content

Silvie Cambie IABC EuroComm 2013 As the initial planning for EuroComm 2015 kicks into gear — which will be held at the London College of Communication 13-14 April 2015 — we thought we’d share a few videos from EuroComm 2013 to remind you what a top-notch treat you are in for!

First up …

Silvie Cambie: Shrinking the world with Social Content

Silvie is the author of ‘International Communication Strategy’ and senior consultant to global brands, government and NGOs at simplygoodadvice and She tweets from @silviecambie. She is a longtime IABC member, former EME Chair and IABC Executive board member.

In her EuroComm presentation video below, Silvie shares her personal journey from journalism in the newly formed Czech Republic, through social content and the Arab Spring and a colleague’s Nobel Prize, to the opportunities our new media ecology offers. All in all, a story well worth hearing.


And don’t forget to reserve that date for EuroComm 2015!


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