Share your ‘Communication Breakthrough’ Story!

As part of our regional commitment to all of you, we’d like to profile and promote your individual expertise and insights to the EMENA business and communications community at large.

To do that, we’re kicking off a brand new series of IABC EMENA blog posts called ‘Communication Breakthrough’—and we’ll be promoting them on our site and in social along with the hashtag #CommunicationBreakthrough.

In this series we’ll be exploring and sharing the professional ‘breakthrough’ moments of our members in the hope that others can take inspiration & insight.

Your breakthrough moments could describe:

  • The moment when you realised communication was the profession for you
  • The first time you gained C-suite trust in the value of communications
  • The first time you learned an invaluable ‘life’ communication lesson
  • What you see as your biggest success to date.

And they could be in branding, social, internal comms – anything you like!

You can also feel free to include a link to your site, blog, CV or portfolio that we will attach to your post.

To keep things nice and consistent, we’ve developed a template that you can get by contacting us on [email protected]. Simply fill in the template and send it back to us. We will be in contact, then publish and promote your own personal post just as soon as we can.


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