EuroComm 2015 and The European Chief Communications Officer

As a 2014 study from Kornferry (the world’s largest executive search firm) shows, European Chief Communications Officers’ roles are moving above and beyond traditional responsibilities.

The study covers many IABC EMENA chapter countries: from Belgium and the Netherlands to France, and the United Kingdom.

In that study — which you can download here — one of the key findings is that the European CCO’s most valued competencies are focused around the ability to ‘foster and support enterprise-wide across corporate culture and values, while bridging diversity across multiple countries and languages’.

Considering our EMENA cultural context — and the continuing pan-European expansion of business — that is understandable. But there is one criterion that sits above all others.

Leadership skills are now focused around business acumen

Kornferry CCO

According to the report, leadership skills have taken on more significance for CCOs over the past few years. By far, ‘understanding the business’ is the single biggest requirement for a successful CCO.

There are lots more insights on what it takes to take your career to the ultimate level in the Kornferry report.

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