My knowledge packing list for #IABCLI

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A number of IABC Europe, Middle East and North Africa leaders are heading to #IABCLI in Orlando next week. Michael Nord, for one, is taking time out from #EuroComm-prep for this. I’ll also be heading there.

Now before attending any event I try and do a little bit of prep to make sure I can add maximum value. As the old saying goes: you get out what you put in, and being well briefed helps with that.

I thought I’d share my knowledge packing list in case it is useful for any other IABC leaders prepping for a meeting with other leaders, whether next week in Orlando  or in fact anytime

Travelling light? Here’s what I’ve got in my carry-on – the three most recent newsletters from IABC:

  1. CW Observer – the weekly round-up of the latest from Communication World and IABC Weekly Digest – goes to all members, lists all the global social channels, regional conferences and much more… here’s the archive for both newsletters.
  2. IABC Leader Letter – goes to IABC leaders monthly and has the latest on leader events, membership month etc.

In for the long-haul? Here are a few things I’ve also packed for in-depth reading and reference:

  1. IABC Leader Centre – your one-stop resource for good practice | leader events | CMA – including winning work plans.
  2. The most recent quarterly update from the Chair.
  3. The road the strategy we’re on – #IABC1417 – including the latest on the IABC brand task force etc.

Want something social for checking on the phone whilst in the check-in queue? 

  • #IABCLI – for the event backchannel
  • #IABCieb – for the latest from the International Board
  • #IABCcor – for the latest from the Council of Regions

Like any good communicator, you’d also expect me to check that I’ve got my key messaging right. Here’s the IABC 2014-17 strategy in a paragraph:

“Financial recovery and sustainability is primary, as is the loyalty and development of our members and leaders and consolidating gains from the 2011-14 strategy. Increased reputation in the profession; better brand positioning; and greater interaction with business – as a revenue generator are then the big opportunity to be grasped”.

There’s plenty for us to grapple with – and I can’t wait to get there. Looks like an amazing programme.

Hope to see you in Orlando!

Michael Ambjorn is Vice Chair of IABC – follow him @michaelambjorn

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